This evaluation is the initial step in the development and testing of a statewide scaling-up system that will provide the timely basis for successfully moving into compliance with the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) mandates. This statewide scaling-up system is currently being developed using funding from the Title II, part D Enhancing Education Through Technology Program (E2T2). The impetus for addressing this problem is the need to address the NCLB mandates within the context of the federal governments educational entitlement programs. Iowa receives approximately $114 million a year through these programs. This total reflects, on average, 4% of the states educational budget. Thus, maintaining this source of funding and effectively using these resources is a high priority of the Iowa Department of Education.


The organizational infrastructure being implemented consists of 12 consortiums that cover 371 public school districts. Each consortium has been formed to pursue a common goal. These common educational goals will be met through the development of professional development activities based on scientifically based best practices. The Iowa Professional Development Model will serve as the educational intervention. Thus, self-selection based on a common student achievement goal has served as the basis for membership in a consortium.


Student achievement will be measured using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Furthermore, a web-based teacher survey will be utilized to obtain information on both professional development sessions as well as teachers' use of instructional strategies.